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Graeme and Leonie Northfield present a one-day workshop on 27 July, consisting of a morning Led Class Primary Series starting at 9am, followed by a deep Relaxation Break, and a 2 hr session on Mantras in Motion from 12noon till 2pm. Cost: $120.

Book by clicking on the link below:

"Rhythm is an essential principle of order that exists in every living system.

Within our bodies, there are basically only two rhythms that can be consciously controlled - movement and breathing - and both influence the other rhythmic systems within us.

Our asana practice becomes more mindful as we pay attention to how the breath adapts and changes - shorter, quicker, longer, slower, deeper – determining the amount of energy required to remain steady, strong, relaxed and efficient during practice.

Yoga can become a natural and powerful meditative process. Connecting and flowing our movements on the rhythmic breath helps us open to a greater inner stillness, presence and resilience, heightening our sense of spaciousness, grounding and trust.

Mantras in Motion offers a unique approach to chanting by connecting our rhythmic voice with simple steps that are accompanied by the pulse of the surdo drum. Using the body as an instrument allows the rhythm connection with each chant to become more direct and experiential. As we settle into rhythmic stability and relaxation deepens, we feel cradled by the nourishing support of the collective group circle, while the gentle drone of repetitive chanting opens us to the stillness within the movement, within ourselves."

Graeme & Leonie Northfield Ashtanga Yoga

Graeme and Leonie live on the land in the Nambucca Valley, creating a place for retreat and restorative practices, growing organically and building resourcefully. Every now and then they travel out into the world to teach, encouraging people to develop the connection, peace and communion within themselves, through nature and practices that unite the body, mind, heart and soul.

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