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June 2020 Update

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We do hope this message reaches you in a place of peace and good health and are happy to report that reopening of the studio will be on Monday 22 June.

While we are still working on the timetable, it's super-exciting to be resuming the vision of Ashtanga Yoga Centre Of Melbourne as a temple of sorts for all to delve into their yoga journey . We hope the recent period of home self practice has at least had the effect of broadening your perspective . Whatever form it has taken , ideally it should be veiwed with a positive mindset as of course there is no ' One Way ' in this life.

In the early years it was common to be alternating between having a teacher and being alone with practice as there simply weren't always studios and for many a teacher was only an option when you could accumulate the funds and free up the time to travel to India . It was largely the absense of an established Ashtanga Yoga space in Melbourne that prompted us to take the plunge and set up a studio as we were driven by the urge to create a community of Ashtanga Yogis that we could share practice experience with .

Twenty Six years have passed since that decision and so a wide range of emotion has surrounded the first closure of the studio in that time . As a result we have both found ourselves retreating into deep reflection these past 7 weeks and reconnecting with the space of self practice which has no relationship to carrying the persona of a teacher . It has been profound ! We're both feeling a sense of returning home to practice and at the same time teaching is still such a clear calling . In fact the extra immersion in self practice has yeilded pearls of understanding and reinforced we are on a meaningful path , one we are super eager to continue to share with you .

Simultaneously though has come the realisation that carrying the responsibility of an urban Yoga studio as a business now feels to have run it's course for us . So along with the news of reopenning in the weeks ahead comes the announcement that after 26 years we are looking for someone new to take over our beloved studio !

This is not a decision taken lightly but our feeling is there is somebody out there who will take on the journey with love and enthusiasm and a desire to continue to provide a home base for Ashtanga Yoga in Melbourne . The ideal vision is one where all our current teachers , ourselves included , get to continue to teach as though nothing has changed but a new owner is steering the ship. This analogy has been a strong one through a number of turbulent periods in the studios history where it felt we were patiently bringing her around a wide arc and ultimately into the stabilty of port . 2020 started so promising but instead threw in a major challenge for us all and it's very apparent how many different ways people have responded to that .

Deciding to offer the studio for sale now may be seen by some as the worst possible timing but we feel compelled to follow our instinct , while being fully prepared to continue to embrace our current role . Our passion is to direct income from the potential sale of the studio into establishing a humble and beautiful Ashtanga Yoga retreat property close to our new home in Phillip Island ! It feels like the time has come to offer that setting to you and it seems the only way to make that dream a reality is to pass on the day to day running of the Fitzroy studio.

If the right buyer doesn't manifest then we will read that as confirmation that it is in fact our job to wholeheartedly take the studio through the next phase ? But the door to change is open right now ! Having always fostered independent and intuitive thinking for you as a student of Ashtanga Yoga Centre , it also feels to us that the time apart of late may help you to have less anxiety about a potential change ahead . If nothing else , surely this time has shown we are all so capable at adapting where necessary .

So hopefully this news can be received without fear as we don't believe it is necessary to go there at all but rather to trust in following your heart and searching for the truth in where you really sit at any given moment . Thank you for receiving this message and we look forward to getting back to you shortly with confirmation of a date when you can once again roll your mat out on the worn timber floor at 110 Argyle St .

Feel free to share this information as we would love for you to be part of the search for a new studio owner but can we please respectfully request that the subject not be brought up unnecessarily around the studio when we resume and that only genuine enquiries be directed to us . So then it's business as usual whatever that means in these unique times .

All the best for now with your home practice and as always don't hesitate to contact us if you need any advice . We have endeavoured to remain a source of support throughout but apologise where response has been slow due to a personal shift away from regular use of technology and social media .

So looking forward to seeing you again soon

All our Love

Greg and Tracy


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