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Tracy Cooper

I have practised the Ashtanga yoga system with dedication since 1992 and taught since 1994. My original teacher was Louisa Sear, in Byron Bay, with a 9 month intensive (thank you). I knew then I would continue through the entirety of my life embracing the unknowns of the practise. I was then led on  to many trips to Mysore, India to study with Sri K.Patthabi Jois(guruji).

My experiences in the old shala/yoga room were intense, with only 12 students in the room, I am blessed to have shared these intimate times with Guruji.

I have learnt and practised first, second and third series. In the early days I was guided by visiting teachers to Melbourne as well as workshops overseas. Some of the wonderful teachers were Graham Northfield, Thomas Zorzo ,Dena Kingsberg, David Swenson and David Williams.

My love and passion for the years of  practise has been self motivated during which I carried through 4 amazing pregnancies, continue to parent 3 beautiful children and 2 special step children. I also have 2 grandchildren. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to a full and busy life of family.

We have had the present studio in Fitzroy for 15 years and another 2 studios in Collingwood for 10 years previous. I ran a small studio in Elwood for 1 year and taught in Williamstown, Port Melbourne and still now in St Andrews. We have run many retreats and also taught in Spain.I have discovered through teaching the uniqueness in each individual's journey and love guiding, supporting and also learning from them. I have shared so many people's paths and met incredible and beautiful people along the way. This is one of the many rewards as a teacher.

The yoga practise has taught my mind to focus and be still when needed, my body to be strong and supple and I feel free from discomfort and agitations . I have felt supported through my lifes hard times by the potency but stability of the practise.

We live happily in the bush with a strong supportive community and remain open to many more years of  learnings and depth on this yoga path.  I hope I can inspire students who pass  through our studio ,and lead them toward self practise and the potential freedom this brings.  

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