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Kids Yoga at the Shala

Play is the central thread that weaves a child's development together, and that is exactly what Kids yoga is all about. Whilst Yoga for adults can be a more solitary practice, Yoga for children is even better together - especially in this age of technology. Through our fun and social classes, your child will subtly improve their non-verbal and verbal communication, trust, compassion, appreciation of positive touch, resilience and ability to embrace diversity.


Are you ready to go on a journey to outer space to have a sandwich with an alien friend? What about travelling to the jungles of the Amazon to meet all the wild and exotic animals? Keen for an obstacle course, or perhaps something quieter like colouring in some mandalas?

These classes are creative, dynamic sessions of fun and learning that include singing, games and going on adventures. There will be plenty of chances for children (and parents) to co-create the class with the teacher. This empowers the children and allows them to explore their bursting creativity.

There is a strong focus on connection, often incorporating massage techniques and partner Yoga and activities. Aside from practicing yoga poses and breath work, we explore different relaxation and mindfulness practices - all appropriate to the development of each child.

Over time, you will find improvements in balance, strength and breath. You will also learn about your environment, your role within it, and crucially, take steps to understand your true self.

Classes are for 3 to 6 year olds with parents or guardians encouraged to attend.

Classes are at 11 am to 11:45 am on Saturday's, but check the timetable each week to confirm its on as sometimes we have other events on.

Drop in price is $15/child. 

If you want to buy the pack, click the link below and then book in each class using the pack.


Babies and toddlers can join with a parent or guardian present. Kids and teens above the age of 6 can also join, and they will act as the big assistants in the class, helping the adults with all the difficult tasks.

Family yoga is awesome, and has the potential to totally transform the family unit. However, we only have one rule with adults - adults are encouraged to join, or do something else such as practicing or socialising in another room... but no peeking or watching. It's one or the other 🙂

It's no secret that little and big kids like to play with their own age groups, which is why we can organise programs for toddlers, tweens and teens on request.

What if my kid has a disability? Our philosophy is that there is no need that can't be met. Whether it is physical or mental, we believe the only limit is the one they, and others impose on them. Please inform us beforehand, and we can put in a plan to make it work. We too have a physical limitation which is that our facility has two flights of stairs to the door. If this is a problem, please let us know as there's some creative ways that we can employ to accommodate.

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