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Winter Sunrise Intensive

With Greg and Tracy

We are of the view that the benefits of yoga practice are self-evident and, as such, there is no need to force the process. However, without the self discipline to get to your mat regularly nothing can happen.

It is with this in mind that we invite you to join us in a Winter Sunrise Intensive for the end of June.

The purpose is to share the energy generated by coming together as a community of yogis at dawn, and to support one another to again establish the discipline of a daily practice as we head into the colder months.

Classes will be suitable for all levels.

We will commence with the morning chant and a brief guided session from 6.15am, before transitioning into self practice at 7am.The objective is to start the day absorbing yogic perspectives whilst bringing attention to the techniques that can be explored independently during the Mysore component from 7am.

On all days, there is no end time other than the one you naturally arrive at yourself.

With restrictions easing in Victoria, a few extra spots have now become available to join the second week of our Winter Sunrise Intensive.

Join us at dawn Monday to Thursday for this reinvigorating and warming practice! Price for the 4 sessions is $80.

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