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Amanda Stead

I've been practicing yoga since 1983, first in the Iyengar tradition then starting the Ashtanga vinyasa method in 1996.  After meeting Guruji Patthabhi Jois in New Zealand in 1999, I travelled to Mysore to study with him at the end of that year.  I've been teaching Ashtanga vinyasa since 2002 and aim to provide a safe nurturing space where students can explore their potential.  I encourage them to face their challenges with attention to the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, to seek and find enthusiasm, courage, self love and acceptance.  I delight in the students’ joy of self discovery.


Having been blessed with some physical challenges of my own, through birth and injury, I have had to make considerable investigation into the deep patterns we can hold in our body and breath, so I understand the needs of those who are working with perceived limitations or injury recovery and can adapt the practice to the needs of each individual.  I am a qualified kinesiologist.  This study included thorough training in anatomy and physiology and myofascail trains.  The questions brought up by students, my asana, pranayama and meditation practice and ongoing work with a traditional Chinese medical practitioner keep me continually fascinated to delve into the miracle of the human condition and how we live on this planet. 

I’d like to express my gratitude to Greg and Tracy Cooper at the studio, all of the teachers and the students I have worked with, and my mentor, the aforementioned traditional Chinese doctor, Raffaele Vavala.  I am hugely grateful to Gregor Maehle for his wonderful books and teaching in pranayama, yogic meditation and philosophy.  Gregor has shown me to way to the ultimate teacher.  Also thanks to Monica Gauci for her magnificent understanding of the anatomy of asana and her exquisite chanting.  Last but by no means least, I thank my mother for my birth and for her inspiring me toward the yogic path.

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